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Welcome Team

The Roseville Baptist Church Welcome Teams mission is to make guests feel welcome, accepted, and loved when visiting our church.  Survey results show that "most guests decide whether or not to return to a church within the first 10-20 minutes. The decision is based on factors such as building appearance and the friendliness of welcomers." To ensure that RBC is a place that guests feel at home, the Welcome Team consists of an amazing group of people that love to reach out to others, start each Sunday with a huge smile, and be a connector of visitors to God, God's People and God's Purpose.  Each Sunday, three team members are assigned to meet at the church 25 minutes before the service to pray and prepare to greet members and visitors.  Weekly tasks consist of handing out bulletins, welcome cards, greeting people at the front door, and personally introducing and getting to know new and recently joined members. 

Leader: Kelsey Quick | 651-707-5645

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Youth Ministry

Humans all share two life purposes: Praising God and Loving Others.  As a youth ministry, our leaders share a passion to help teenagers see their purposes in life at an early age.  In a world filled with evil and darkness, our focus is to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to students and show them that we do have hope in this life and the next.  Join our ministry team and help spread the good news!

Leader: Pastor Derek Ambroson | 641-521-8070



Young Adult Ministry

Early adulthood is often a stage of inexperience, confusion, and frustration. Our Young Adult Ministry combats these obstacles by focusing on our relationship with God, and fellowship with other believers.  When we gather we often spend our time worshiping God, studying His Word, and sharing our various joys and sorrows with one another.  Through these connections and activities we find our purpose that God has given to us. 

Leader: Drew Stravers | 641-780-9833