First, I want to give thanks to the Lord for you and for Him being so gracious to us.  He never ceases to amaze me. His blessings are evident in or church and that excites me.  I want to share with you the things I have been excited about so that you too can also join me in praising the Lord for what He has been doing.


Staff Updates 


The first blessing I want all of us to notice is our pastoral staff.  We are beyond blessed to have Pastor Mark, Pastor Matt, Pastor Joel, and Pastor Joe on staff.  These men and their wives give our church far more than we give to them in return.  They all have a heart for the Lord and for Roseville Baptist Church, and they make huge sacrifices that very few in our church notice.  They all give me strong support to myself and my ministry.  They are one of the reasons we are seeing this magnitude of growth in our church (both spiritually and numerically). Next time you see one of them or someone on staff, make sure to let them know how much you appreciate what God is doing in them and through them.

I also ask that you join me in praying for Pastor Mike Blahnik. He has recently joined us to see where God might want him to plug in. He had previously been involved with a church plant in Woodbury, and I know he would appreciate your prayers.

One of the interesting things our staff is doing, in addition to helping make our church tick, is developing interns. We currently have Mikah Hardcastle, Bre Fuller, Drew Stravers, David Miller, and Derek Ambroson serving as interns. They too are doing great things behind the scenes that most of us do not see, but I want you all to know the huge blessing that each of them are to us. They selflessly give of their time and energy, to serve the Lord and our church. And don’t forget all the other people that serve in our church. We have wonderful Sunday School teachers and Bible Study leaders, deacons and yokefellows, ministry team leaders, and an awesome administrator that are constantly putting our church family ahead of themselves. What a blessing!


Connecting People to God


We are continuing to see more people getting connected to God, God’s people, and God’s purpose.  Our Worship and Sunday School attendance are both up by 10-15% over the course of last year. God keeps sending us new faces to meet and greet, and it has been a tremendous blessing. We were able to baptize Eric Brunello last December and have several more awaiting baptism.


Connecting People to God's People 


Pastor Mark has worked with Kelsey Ryan to start our new Welcome Ministry.  Kelsey has done a wonderful job serving as the ministry team leader and has been recruiting people for this ministry team. There is no doubt it has made us a more welcoming and loving church to those people God is sending our way. We have also seen more involvement in Koinonia (our church potluck) in this last quarter, and that is also very exciting. Fellowship is blossoming even if Spring is not.  


Connecting People to God's Purpose 


Another thing that has me excited is that our connection to God’s purpose has been getting stronger through our missions, giving, and tithing.  We exceeded our goal for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, and our giving has increased 10-15% over last year as well.  We have had several people go on mission trips and in addition to all of this, we are getting closer and closer to sending Steve, Brenda, and their daughter Jenny out as church planters. What a blessing the Flattum family is!  Gospel Hmong Baptist Church is still holding their worship services here. I know they are super grateful for us letting them use the facility. Thank you for being committed to God’s purpose, and please be praying for God’s purpose to continue being a driving force for us.


Looking Ahead 


As we go into this next quarter, I’d like to ask you to be open to the changes God might be bringing our way.  God is at work in our church and often times as churches grow, changes will take place.  Change can be a very good thing, like the change Jesus brought to us when we trusted in Him for our salvation. However, change is seldom easy.  Someone once said that "the only people that like change are babies."  I’m just glad that we are blessed by God to be growing and changing alongside all of you and that we have the staff and leaders in place to make any changes we might experience to be as smooth as possible. 


Because of Jesus,

     Pastor Jackie <><

AuthorJackie Hill