I came across this Mike Rowe quote last week and thought the advice was great for those that are looking for a job.  After thinking about it, I believe something similar would be good advice for those looking for a church.  Here's how I tweaked Mike Rowe's advice and made it apply. 

"Stop looking for the “perfect” church and just starting going to church.  Any church.  Forget about what you like.  Focus on getting connected.  Get involved.  Show up early.  Stay late.  Volunteer where you are needed.  Become a vital part of the church.  You can always go to a different church if the one you tried isn’t biblical.  But don’t waste another week looking for a church that doesn’t exist.  There are no perfect churches.  And most of all, stop worrying about finding a church that makes you happy.  God didn’t create the church to make you happy.  He created the church to bring Himself glory.  When you live and act in a way that is consistent with that truth, you will receive joy when you obediently connect to a local church."

AuthorJackie Hill