Professional baseball player, Adam LaRoche, has retired from baseball.  He came up in the Atlanta Braves organization, so as a Braves fan, I have always liked LaRoche.  My favorite thing about Adam is not that he was a Brave or even that he loves to deer hunt with Willie Robertson. My favorite thing about Adam is that he finds his identity in Christ.  Adam was a member of the Chicago White Sox, but more importantly, he is a member of the church.  LaRoche is a Christian.  The reason he retired from baseball was because he was told he needed to readjust his professional and parental responsibilities.  The full story can be read here.  

For Adam, his retirement from baseball is about his faith and his family.  His faith in Christ is the reason he believes that after God, the number one relationships that matter are the family ones.  As a member of the Nationals, LaRoche brought his son Drake with him to every single game and every single practice.  When the White Sox signed LaRoche last year, they also allowed him to bring his son all season.  However, this year, they have changed their minds and Adam has decided to retires as a result.  That decision cost him 13 millions dollars, but Adam believes his faith and family are worth much more than that.  

Adam has already made over 70 million dollars as a professional athlete.  He doesn't need any more money.  If you were to ask him, he would admit that he has never needed money.  What he has always needed is Jesus.  Jesus matters to Adam and his faith in Christ makes him a part of God's family.  Being a part of God's family has taught him what really matters.  And now, Adam is putting his money where his mouth is.  Not only is Adam saying that faith and family are important, he is showing us.  Many are already bashing him because of this choice but I for one believe God is going to richly bless him for this sacrifice.  I wonder what sacrifices God might be calling us to make for our faith and family...

AuthorJackie Hill